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When used as directed, Steripen boasts the ability to destroy 99. The LED indicator light no longer works. EPA standards for a “microbiological water purifier,” destroying over 99. 5 liters and you’re set! 95 Weight: 105 g with batteries Includes: SteriPEN Adventurer, nylon pouch, 2x CR123 batteries, manual www. It is designed to fit perfectly into commercial water bottles.

When the light goes out, your water is safe to drink. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. EPA Microbiological Water Purifier Standard. On the plus side, the sheath is well made and pads the Steripen Classic well enough to where I don’t worry about it in my camp box. still weighs less than my manual water filter, and it&39;s faster and easier. 9999% of bacteria, 99. It is actually made to US Military specifications and it shows.

One purifier can treat up to 3,000 1-liter batches. SteriPEN® purifiers may be used in glass, plastic, ceramic or metal containers. SteriPEN uses a short wave germicidal UV light to purify water. Keep Reading: How to Be a More Responsible Traveler in. This is a pity – a smaller booklet with better instructions would have been appreciated. SteriPEN water purifiers meet U. SteriPEN Traveler water purifier comes with instruction manuals and a small storage bag ; Imported. Steripen Traveler Mini Opti with its sleek, compact design is small, light and easy to pack.

to clarify it– use a SteriPEN pre. com or call 1-888-SteriPEN® to learn more. com, email com or call.

If your SteriPEN isn’t working, this manual equips you with the knowledge needed to clean or repair it. Drink the water, but filter it first. 2 3 1 SteriPEN ™treatstworangesofwatervolume: A—upto0. Why am I getting a blinking red LED and no light from the UV lamp?

The SteriPEN Adventurer Handheld Water Purifier Retail Price: . The UV light is working when submerged in water but without the indicator light testing water is guess work. The SteriPEN Traveler is designed to fit perfectly into commercial water bottles, a key benefit when traveling to at-risk countries where even the bottled water quality is unknown. 9% of protozoa when used as directed. It is also the most efficient SteriPEN for travel, capable of purifying 200 half-liter servings of water on just one set of AA lithium batteries. 99% of viruses and 99. Compact and lightweight, the Katadyn Steripen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier uses an optical sensor to detect water and works in even the coldest conditions.

Other SteriPEN Models. There are five different SteriPEN gadgets to choose from and each serves the same purpose, though they&39;re designed for different situations. SteriPen Classic 3 UV Water Purifier and 40 micron Pre-Filter bundle. Purify Water in 3 easy steps: 1) Push button to activate, 2) Immerse SteriPEN Traveler n bottle or glass and 3) Agitate or stir. Weighing just 105 grams, the Traveller Mini Opti fits neatly into steripen traveler manual your checked luggage, carry-on or briefcase. I’m going to monitor my Steripen for now. 2 out of 5 stars 257. The diagram of parts and safety features for the UV purifier helps you visualize the instructions given.

It also fits tightly in the narrow opening Nalgene bottles as seen in the photo below. Travel Water Purifier uses germicidal ultraviolet light that destroys 99. We are always happy to hear from you: visit www. Value: The first time you use a water purifier is an eye opening experience. Environmental Protection Agency standards for microbiological water purifiers and have been independently tested by the Oregon Health Sciences University and the universities of Arizona and Maine. Whether you choose the Classic, Adventurer, Traveler, Protector or Journey, you have to decide which model fits your needs. SteriPEN™ is not a sterilizer.

The UV light disrupts the DNA within bacteria, viruses and protozoa, rendering them unable to reproduce, and therefore harmless. Just press the button, place in water and stir. steripen traveler manual 95) Traveler Mini – This SteriPEN has a sleek, compact design and weighs in at 3. On the plus side, chemicals don’t cause traveler’s diarrhea like bacteria, protozoa, and viruses do, so using SteriPEN will spare you that terrible ordeal! Also, the Adventure Opti is teeny tiny compared to the Traveler, at only 103 grams, so it gets my carry-on friendly tick of approval. SteriPEN Traveler Retail Pack - The Traveler is the most affordable SteriPEN to keep you and your family safe on your next trip out of the country. I&39;m always looking at ways to cut weight, and be more efficient on the trail.

Backcountry Water: With backcountry water, things get a bit more complex. What&39;s included in the SteriPen manual: How to prep your SteriPen prior to use How to use your SteriPen in three simple steps. UV water treatment makes water safe to drink in as little as 48 seconds and is easy to use. Always be prepared. SteriPEN ® purifiers should not be used in quartz containers. Price Historic Range: . In the instruction manual, it recommends that the Steripen Adventurer is only effective for treating up to water that is “as cloudy as weak lemonade” and which require double treatment to ensure the water is safe.

The SteriPEN Freedom Manual is your guide to operating and maintaining this handheld water purifier. I have treated about 20 liters of water with the steripen traveler. The SteriPen Ultra has a rubber, cone-shaped end that will fit in a variety of smaller bottle openings such as a disposable water bottle.

A SteriPen is small, pen-like electronic device that emits ultraviolet light and purifies either half a liter or one full liter of water at a time. com Australia SeaToSummit 6BrownSt. 5-1 liter and twice to purify less than 0. View & download of more than 6 SteriPEN PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. SteriPEN Parts and Features: The Steripen Classic 3 comes with a plastic cap to protect the glass bulb where the UV light originates, a soft case to store the device in that also attaches to your belt on your hip, and the adapter that screws onto any Nalgene bottle. This is a much more rugged unit than other SteriPENs and only about to more (depending on the comparison). Over the past eight months the SteriPEN Ultra has become my go-to backpacking water purifier. com The SteriPEN Solar Charging Case Retail Price: .

It forms a seal that allows the water to be purified in its original bottle. I have always used the recommended type of batteries. Traveler – The most affordable SteriPen. You can also learn how weather conditions and murky water may affect the SteriPEN’s operation.

Water treatment is something I have played around with for some time, and I qui. SteriPEN Traveler Top 25 in Water Purifiers Specs. EastPerth WesternAustralia6004 TollFree:Tel:Fax:sales. The SteriPEN Traveler Water Purifier is also very easy to use, just press the button once to purify 0. steripen traveler manual The Classic3 does sound like the way to go, for now, but if they did get a working UV LED, now that would be something to have. STERIPEN Ultra Review. God help you if you’re in a small town looking for CR123’s.

Simply place the unit in a container of up to one liter (or one quart) of water, push the button, and stir while the UV light is illuminated. Water Filtration Systems, Water Dispenser user manuals, operating guides & specifications. What Does the SteriPEN kill? This allows you to invert the bottle and agitate without any spillage. 9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa from water that could make you sick 3-in-1 handhe.

The case is nice to protect the device as well as to carry it. The device operates on batteries and works with clear water by killing the DNA of harmful microbes and bacteria. Even my local Walmart doesn’t carry them. Once you&39;ve decided which of these works best for you, using the SteriPEN is a. If the SteriPEN Protector does not detect ® Opti water within 15 seconds of being activated, it will deactivate. The manual or booklet which came with the pre-production version had very brief operating instructions on page 3, while the rest of the booklet was devoted steripen traveler manual to marketing waffle. SteriPEN Traveler Mini Opti. Water Quality Association: SteriPEN® tested and Gold Seal certified by WQA against U.

It is also the most efficient St. 99% of viruses, and 99. The SteriPEN Traveler is the most affordable SteriPEN to keep you and your family safe on your next trip out of the country. If SteriPEN water sensors are not immersed. The 40 micron screen catches debris and helps your SteriPEN® be as effective as possible. Page 2 If clear water is not available, first try to filter the water • As with any water treatment system, you should always have a backup method and an extra set of fresh batteries available. I notice that Steripen has discontinued the Traveler model. The benefits of UV filtration include the fact that it is chemical-free, requires very little energy, is taste and odor-free, doesn’t need much maintenance, and is extremely effective.

View the PDF by SteriPEN here. The steripen is always packed safely and has not been abused in any way. Have safe drinking water anywhere there&39;s a water source with the exceptionally convenient SteriPEN® Aqua UV Water Purifier.

And with its easy step by step instructions, you will have a working water purifier with you all the time. The Ultra is easy to use, works fast, kills all the bad stuff (protozoa, bacteria, and viruses), and best of all, it doesn’t require any pumping, squeezing, backflushing, or chemicals. SteriPEN™ exceeds U. In clear water the SteriPEN will destroy over 99. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If your SteriPEN isn’t working, this manual equips you with the knowledge needed to clean or repair it.

95 Weight: 194 g Includes: Charging Case with belt clip, 2x CR123 rechargeable batteries, AC adapter, manual. It might be smaller, but you still get all the speed, power and effectiveness of larger SteriPENs. The compact sized SteriPEN units - the Traveler and Adventurer - work identically to the original SteriPEN.

Water Sensor Circuitry The SteriPEN® water sensor circuitry is intended to prevent the UV lamp from illuminating unless it is completely immersed in water. The SteriPEN Defender is the toughest of all SteriPEN Models. Your SteriPEN Traveler, Traveler mini or Emergency is warranted to conform to its published specifications and be free from defective materials or workmanship for one (1) year from date of purchase, also subject to the terms and conditions in this section. And keep in mind, even though it takes 20 hours to recharge the SteriPEN, it may only need charging once every few weeks, even with the impossible demands of expedition desert travel. With lightweight Replacement Filter Cartridges you never have to worry about what’s getting into your water.

Steripen traveler manual

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